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Coming soon by Audio Fidelity / MFSL

Audio Fidelity
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (Gold)
Grand Funk – We’re An American Band (Gold)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping (Gold)
John Mayall – Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (Gold)
Rod Stewart – Never A Dull Moment (Gold)
Yes – 90125 (Gold)

The Band – Northern Lights-Southern Cross (SACD)
The Band – Rock of Ages (SACD)
The Band – Cahoots (SACD)
Doobie Brothers – The Captain And Me (SACD)
Doobie Brothers – Takin‘ It To The Streets (SACD)
Little Feat – Dixie Chicken (Gold)
Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus (Gold)
Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams (Gold)


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