Universal Japan SACDs

Universal Japan wird eine Reihe Single Layer SHM-SACDs veröffentlichen. Vielleicht das Revival der SACD für audiophile Musikliebhaber. Weitere Titel folgen…

The Who – Who’s Next. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Steely Dan – Aja. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Police – Synchronicity. 2003 A&M SACD DSD master
Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground and Nico. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Allman Brothers Band – Live At Fillmore East. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On.From the 2008 Mobile Fidelity DSD master
Derek & The Dominos – Layla. New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed. From the 2002 ABCKO SACD

In 2010 SA-CD’s aims higher. The concept is a new material, and a return to the origins of the format.

Current mainstream Hybrid SA-CD’s consist of an SA-CD layer on top of the redbook CD layer. A hybrid SA-CD layer is made up of reflective films, as CD requires a degree of transparency for the laser to get to that layer.

In this series, SA-CD goes back to its roots; single layer disks need for this reflectivity, so not a single bit of the music information is lost.
Also in order to allow capture of all the music uncompressed, SA-CD layer is only 2 channel stereo.
In order to give more accurate reproduction, clear polycarbonate material is used, as used in SHM-CD with the same benefits.

Of course, you can’t get high quality audio, despite having a great quality disk – the master tape needs to be utilized properly.
Each title in this series is carefully selected from the best existing DSD master, or a brand new transfer from the analog master.

Using „SHM“ Specifications & SA-CD, master tape quality sound can be achieved.
For example- a sense of scale reaches you without stress on the ears, the relaxed analog-like textures, a sense of realism unfolds – please sit back and enjoy.

Vö-Datum: Juni 2010

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