Fireball Remaster von Audio Fidelity

All done mastering this album. I think this is the first time these tapes were used in over 30 years….

Now, this is going to be the AMERICAN version of the album so no Demon’s Eye. AF tried, but no. We have strict orders to respect the USA song order in our Territory so don’t ask. Just the breaks but this will be the USA album as issued here in 1971.

This is the first time I’ve heard these songs without that ear-splitting treble boost and extra compression used on almost every release since the dawn of time. It’s a relief not to be peeled off the wall for a change.

Still, the album sounds like and will always sound like it was recorded in a dry 6 x 7 room at full volume, heh. At least now you’ll be able to hear some actual texturing in the sound.

One thing I should mention. This album was mixed on bad ‘ol British made Scotch 202 recording tape and is in very shaky shape. The reels were also marked DO NOT USE because the tape is literally falling apart. Even with all that, these mixes are the real deal, not to be imitated so please put up with a little random noise or whatever here and there. I did NOT dump to a digital work station to remove any bias clicks or whatever so you headphone nuts “get over it”. I wanted to be sure you’ll get a pure analog-like sound on your Gold CD so don’t let a tic or something ruin your day. Enjoy.

Steve Hoffman

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