Beach Boys „Smile“

Smile“ gilt als „größtes verlorenes Album“ in der Rockgeschichte und so bekommen die Beach Boys Fans doch noch „Smile“, wenn auch etwas verspätet!

Capitol Records has announced it will release the Beach Boys‘ lost, incomplete album „Smile“ later this year.

„Smile“ was originally planned as the follow-up to the band’s 1966 classic „Pet Sounds,“ but the material was mostly abandoned due to creative mastermind Brian Wilson’s fragile mental health at the time. Though no release date has been set, the official release of „Smile“ will be sold as a two-CD set and as a deluxe box set including four CDs, two vinyl LPs, two vinyl singles and a 60-page hardbound book penned by Beach Boys historian Dominic Priore.

The final track listing has not been announced, but the first disc of the CD set and the first three sides of the vinyl edition will contain a close approximation of the „Smile“ album, with the remainder collecting outtakes and alternate versions from the sessions. The „Smile“ sessions have been widely bootlegged among fans for decades, but the proper track listing for the album has never been established, largely due to the fact that the record was never completed as intended.

According to engineer Mark Linett, Brian Wilson’s 2004 version of „Smile“ has been used as the template for this project, though it could turn out a bit different depending on input from Wilson and the surviving members of the group.

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